Kopiko Coffee Candy has been available in Asian, Ethnic and Specialty retail stores in the United States for the last 20 years. We are happy to announce that Kopiko products are now available for distribution nationwide in all channels by Takari International, Inc..

Takari International, Inc. started with one man. In June 1988, Yuntakari Wiharyanto began with just one mission: Bringing in different ethnic items to the public to help satisfying their memory and joy; without breaking the bank and live a better life.

Started as an importer and distributor of disposable chopsticks from 1988 and was progressively adding new items, such as cookies and snacks in the following year. As of the food items business was growing tremendously; cessation of the chopsticks business had taken into place in 1995. By mid-2000, the company entered the food services & food producers’ business by introducing and marketing imported goods, like Kopiko products, to ethnic supermarkets as well as customers in the West Region of United States, and slowly expanded to all regions in the U.S.

As a growing enterprise and with over 85,000 sq. ft warehouse, we maintain Mr. Wiharyanto’s vision, but now, we are able to help more customers than ever by providing different platforms from online and offline. Today, we are serving thousands of supermarkets and food services throughout the U.S.A. & other Continents with brands that are well recognized in today’s market.