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Kopiko Coffee Candy is featuring on one of the popular K-Drama (Vincenzo).

We are happy to let you know that our Kopiko Coffee Candy is featuring on one of the popular K-Drama (Vincenzo).
Episode 14 & 15, if you are wondering 😆😆

2017 Nov 24 7:53am


Kopiko is the pioneer of coffee-candy with real coffee extract produced in, which has been the nation’s favorite for over 35 years and currently being exported to more than 80 countries all over the world.

More than just being accepted to worldwide, Kopiko coffee-candy has also recently flew to space along with NASA Astronauts, this achievement has been a pride to Kopiko, as the food standard quality that NASA implement on their provisions is on the highest level. A rigorous test & requirements must have been implemented to the food products and passing NASA’s test clearly shows the quality of Kopiko coffee-candy.

“Kopiko candy is made from real coffee-bean extract which gives the staying-up effect that real coffee does. Kopiko is the easy & practical solution if you do not have the time to drink a cup of coffee. This fact is completely relevant as the zero-gravity condition in outer space makes it difficult to enjoy a cup of coffee. We are really proud to see Kopiko became the choice of NASA Astronauts.”

To reach the space is an achievement for Indonesian product and may this milestone helps inspire other products to keep innovating and give the best quality that make Indonesia proud.

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  1. Angel T says:

    Watching “Vincenzo” and noticed they eat Kopiko whenever they needed a boost or just wanted coffee.
    I am excited to try it and keep it handy.
    I sometimes want coffee on a drive, but don’t want the liquid in my vehicle. This may be my solution!!
    Thank you

  2. Michelle says:

    Good morning! I was gifted some of your Coffee Candy but am gluten free. Can you tell me if your candy is gluten free and safe for me to enjoy?

    Thank you,

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